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The adventure so far

Jedi Chronicler Thion Vakarri a survivor of Order 66 and the purge of the Jedi Order, along with a friend of his; with whom he’s been working toward his goal to complete the task Master Yoda sent him on, puts together a team of seemingly violent and disreputable misfits in search of Relics of the Force.

His journey so far has brought the group together on Cerea, regarding rumors of a ghost ship lost in the wilderness, however Imperial agents are also on alert for any clues to the ghost ship, and head them off before they can meet up with their true contact.

Now in debt to Blacksun on the planet, and working to infiltrate an Imperial compound on the planets surface their mission bbecomes far more dangerous, but they manage to get in, secure some data for the Blacksun, and free their real contact from the detention wing of the facility, managing to escape in the chaos of a prison riot.

With their contact in tow and the information safely transmitted to the Blacksun gang they are headed into the wilderness to locate the ghost ship.

Home Page

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